What are seawalls, really?

Like any other man-made structures, seawalls are subject to deterioration over time. Unlike most other structures, however, seawalls are continuously exposed to the harsh environmental conditions brought on by the sea and the constant cycling of the tides. Seawalls may also absorb constant battering of waves crashing against them each day.

Maintaining seawalls in good repair is essential for living and working along the waterfront, and for limiting the financial burden of building a new one. A typical seawall replacement can cost anywhere from $750 to $2,500 per foot, depending on site conditions, accessibility, materials selected, and other factors. New builds should be designed and built with extreme attention to detail to prevent issues down the road.

Depending upon the materials selected, the life cycle of a seawall can be anywhere from 25 to 75+ years. Science shows that water levels are expected to increase significantly over the next couple decades during that time. Seawalls should be designed and built with this in mind to ensure that they can be raised in the future and still have the strength to perform.

Ultimately, seawalls provide us with the ability to enjoy the waterfront, with the comforting knowledge that the land and any buildings behind the seawall are safe and secure from erosion and from high tide flooding. Here at Seawall Associates, we ensure that all these factors are thoughtfully planned for, and that your seawall build is safe and seamless.