We are your seawall inspectors.

Before your project even begins, we will deploy a two-person team led by a licensed engineer to perform an inspection of your waterfront to gauge the current condition of your seawall and dock. In most cases, the structural components of a seawall or dock are hidden from view, requiring an in-water inspection to accurately gauge the seawall condition and make recommendations for repair or replacement.

As part of the inspection process, we collect notes, photos, and videos, and prepare an inspection report detailing our findings and recommendations. This report could be used as a starting point for your project right away, as a baseline report for comparison years later if you decide to postpone the project, or it can be used as part of a real estate transaction.

Every time we get in the water for an inspection, our goal is to equip you with as much information as possible to make the best, most informed decision and move forward in whichever way is most appropriate for you.