We are your technical experts.

With our in-house team of engineers and scientists focused on Florida’s unique and changing topography, we are uniquely equipped to address both the short-and long-term needs of your waterfront project. Our team of licensed engineers will evaluate your project within the context of its specific risks and vulnerabilities, including storm surge, sea level rise, erosion, drainage, and navigation. Every project is unique and should be appropriately tailored to the conditions where your seawall is built.

As part of the engineering process, we take a nuanced approach on a widespread basis that inherently makes it more cost-effective for you. We leverage our portfolio of past projects to set a starting point for your project. Before finalizing the engineering design, we work to verify water depth data, soil conditions, the presence of any marine resources like seagrass or coral, and the planned uses for the site in the medium- and long-term.

Our team of engineers are not only experts when it comes to the regulations and requirements of waterfront projects, but also account for the future needs of the project with the inclusion of sea level rise projections.