We are your bidding partners.

One of the biggest frustrations we hear from property owners is that they received several seawall quotes, but do not know how to tell them apart. These quotes not only use different construction methods, but can also vary in price by tens of thousands of dollars. Through their experience, contractors often have preferred methods and products, which may vary from other contractors. This leaves the homeowner left to figure out what is best for their property. We feel that this is probably better left to subject-matter experts. That’s why we want to be your trusted seawall advisor.

If you want to bid out a wall designed with us, we can do that. If you want to use a specific contractor and have us serve as your engineer and work with them on price, we can do that too. We identify what the different components of a seawall should cost, so we are able to examine a seawall bid and understand how to get you the right wall for the best price.

Through our network of trusted contractors, we put together bid documents and have all of the contractors bid on the same design on a per-item basis. This allows us to compare the bids and determine the best bid for you. The least expensive contractor is not always the best one for you. Let us work with you through the bidding process and put your mind at ease.