Materials and Manufacturers Matter

Like any other finished product, the quality of the materials and manufacturers make all the difference. Seawalls today are generally constructed of concrete, vinyl, or steel. Each of these materials have different physical properties, and therefore different installation methods, maintenance methods, and design capacities. They also have different costs and life cycles.

As engineering consultants, we do not lean toward any one specific type of wall or material. We work to identify the most appropriate material for your project needs. That is part of our role as your seawall stewards, ensuring that we achieve the most efficient, cost-effective design for your project.

Once we have identified the material type, we specify that the products purchased by the Contractor for your seawall build must be sourced from our pre-qualified manufacturing partners, who are all required to adhere to our standard of quality for manufactured materials. That way, we know that every single one of our projects is constructed with the standard of quality for which it was designed.