Achieving an efficient, cost-effective design

Seawalls come in all different shapes and sizes. When repairing or reconstructing a wall, many builders use cookie-cutter designs to speed up the permitting process and streamline construction. This is a great starting point, but this approach misses the unique characteristics of the property. That could lead to an under-engineered seawall prone to failure before its time is up, or an over-engineered wall that costs more than it needs to. Proper due diligence and attention to detail on the part of the engineer helps to find that seawall sweet spot. Some important factors to consider include soil conditions, current and future land use, elevation, proximity of nearby structures, presence of endangered plant species, and wave and storm surge exposure.

Every seawall looks great when it is brand new. To ensure that the structure continues to perform, proper due diligence and engineering design is an inherent necessity. Seawall Associates designates a licensed Professional Engineer as your seawall steward, connecting your personal and property interests with the most cost effective and exceptionally functioning solution possible. This is designed to cut mid-term maintenance and repair costs, as well as long-term rehabilitation and replacement costs, getting you the best bang for your buck. With so many differences between each seawall project, it is the Engineer’s responsibility to navigate these variables and design an efficient and cost-effective seawall project.