Seawall projects can seem like a daunting task – we are here to change that! 

Seawalls are not only an important erosion control infrastructure for coastal communities, but have also become an important flood defense, especially as seas continue to rise. We are your trusted seawall advisors. We don’t build walls, but rather work with you to find the right seawall for you – and make the process as easy as possible. Seawall Associates is powered by Brizaga, and is bringing transparency, improved customer service, site-specific engineering, and a streamlined process to any seawall project. 

Most engineering firms do not take on individual property-level seawall projects – that is what we specialize in. We created Seawall Associates to help these individual homeowners, businesses, condominium associations, and many others with those small projects and to be their guides through the process. We don’t expect our clients to be subject-matter experts – that is our job.

We built Seawall Associates to give our clients a place to learn about the subject and connect with a licensed professional to represent their interests throughout the permitting, contracting, and construction phases of the project. By standardizing a design and permitting process, building a network of trusted contractors, and leveraging technology, we set out to create a process for everyone that takes the stress out of building a seawall.