Our Principal Engineer, Michael Antinelli, started his career at a mid-size coastal engineering firm. Michael recognizes that most firms are focused on large projects and not on individual homeowners.

“In the beginning of my career, I worked at a mid-size coastal engineering company, designing all sorts of waterfront infrastructure, mostly for commercial and governmental clients. Occasionally, we would get calls from residential property owners looking to repair or replace their docks and seawalls. Unless they were high value, big budget projects, the company viewed these projects as liabilities. It was expected that the Client would require too much attention and we would spend too much time addressing their needs for such a small project.”

For reasons like these, Seawall Associates was born.

We created Seawall Associates to help these Clients and many others with small projects that this company, and many others like it, would turn away.

We don’t expect our clients to be subject-matter experts – that is our job.
Our clients tend to have limited knowledge of the subject matter and limited budget to pay for their project.

Coupled with the inability to enlist a professional to represent their interests, they become an easy target for unethical contractors in a poorly understood, poorly regulated industry where construction costs are among the highest of any home improvement project.

We decided that the best way to help our Clients is to give them a place to learn about the subject and connect with a licensed professional to represent their interests throughout the permitting, contracting, and construction phases of the project. By standardizing a design and permitting process, building a network of trusted contractors, and leveraging technology, we set out to create a process for everyone that takes the stress out of building a seawall.