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We are here to be your guide on your seawall journey and be your trusted seawall advisors. Through our work at Brizaga, we found a tremendous need in our community. Most smaller seawall projects were driven by contractor bids with property-owners having little expertise in what they really needed. We set out to change that and be the resource our community needs.

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Latest Additions

The Right Way to Bid

As part of our research, we spoke with many homeowners who recently built a new seawall on their property. A common theme was that the prices they received were all over the place, and they had trouble comparing proposals because the proposed designs were so different. At Seawall Associates, we …

The Importance of Pile Driving

Seawalls construction involves the construction of “deep foundations,” as it is called in the industry. For most South Florida properties, they are the only deep foundation structure that exists on the property. They are called deep foundations because they rely on the use of piles to support the structure. Most …

Regulatory Permitting

Being located on the water, seawall construction is subject to a host of environmental regulations enforced by the Federal, State, and local governments. Before construction can start on your project, regulatory permits from the United States Army Corps of Engineers, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and the local County …